The Time is Now

Since the 1960s, we have been confronting, with increasing urgency, our duty to conduct ourselves as responsible stewards of nature. Now, the systems that sustain life are under unprecedented threat. The IPCC has warned in three comprehensive science reports since August that our window of opportunity is closing for a successful effort to counter and […]

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Climate emergency is a threat to international peace & security

In January 2021, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warned the “Doomsday clock” was at “100 seconds to midnight”. The COVID-19 pandemic has destabilized economies and nation states, compounding risk factors that could lead to nuclear conflict. The authors, including 13 Nobel Laureates, warned that: wanton disregard for science […]

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Smart Money, Business & Tech will align with Paris

It was on this day 120 years ago that Max Planck first shared his quantum theory. As a result, the future of physics, technological innovation, communications, and information-sharing, were fundamentally altered. We are now moving into an age when energy, technology, and our application of science to sustainable human development, will align more closely with […]

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G-Wave Superconductor Discovery Brings Electrified Hyper-Convergence Closer to Reality

The electrified future is arriving quickly, and putting down roots. Electric vehicle technology—including better batteries and faster charging, but also on-board information technology making both energy management and vehicle management smarter and safer—is rapidly advancing. EV infrastructure is spreading. COVID recovery funds will likely mobilize the largest ever new round of investment in electrified transport. […]

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Energy Must Be Adaptive, Agile, Accessible & Pollution-Free

The future of energy is being shaped by many converging forces, among them: Fast-moving multifaceted innovation; The geophysical and human health need for clean energy; Sustained and expanding growth-potential for low-carbon investments; Urban planning, energy-efficient building, and utility reform; Financial innovation, including integration of Earth science insights; The COVID-19 pandemic disruption. The COVID-19 pandemic emergency […]

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71% Increase in Climate-Smart Finance Commitments in 2019

The biggest growth opportunity in finance is climate-aligned investment and innovation. In 2018, all major asset classes struggled to earn. Cash was the asset class that expanded the most, signaling a pull-back from new investment and a wait-and-see attitude. In 2019, trade tensions spurred worries of a global economic slowdown that could lead to recession. […]

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Resilient Prosperity Requires Interactive Risk Tracking

Tracking of interacting compounding risks shows higher value of financing external returns. Resilience is the ability to weather and emerge from shock events. Resilience intelligence is the complex work of understanding whether we are positioned to do so. Structured, evolving guidance, rooted in Earth systems science, is critical for achieving reliable ongoing operational resilience. The […]

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