The Time is Now

Since the 1960s, we have been confronting, with increasing urgency, our duty to conduct ourselves as responsible stewards of nature. Now, the systems that sustain life are under unprecedented threat. The IPCC has warned in three comprehensive science reports since August that our window of opportunity is closing for a successful effort to counter and reverse human-caused climate disruption.

All of this coincides with a cataclysmic war of atrocities in which a petro-dictator with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and zero respect for the rule of law openly menaces humankind everywhere on Earth. Neutralizing that threat requires the same coordinated, fast-moving transformation as the climate crisis demands.

We must act now to liberate energy systems from their outdated, outmoded, non-viable entanglement with pollution. Liberate Energy exists to make this possible. We are working toward eight major energy system transformations—two in the near-term, to jump-start the zero emissions economy, four over the medium-term, to consolidate new business models and economic structures, and two that will require over-the-horizon scientific and technical discovery. We are confident these innovations will play a significant role in building climate-smart energy systems.

Each of our everyday actions can be part of this safe, clean, and inclusive energy revolution. Let’s think creatively, empower each other, and make a new world possible.

Featured image is drawn from NASA’s Vital Signs of the Planet reporting on climate change.


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