71% Increase in Climate-Smart Finance Commitments in 2019

The biggest growth opportunity in finance is climate-aligned investment and innovation. In 2018, all major asset classes struggled to earn. Cash was the asset class that expanded the most, signaling a pull-back from new investment and a wait-and-see attitude. In 2019, trade tensions spurred worries of a global economic slowdown that could lead to recession. […]

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Resilient Prosperity Requires Interactive Risk Tracking

Tracking of interacting compounding risks shows higher value of financing external returns. Resilience is the ability to weather and emerge from shock events. Resilience intelligence is the complex work of understanding whether we are positioned to do so. Structured, evolving guidance, rooted in Earth systems science, is critical for achieving reliable ongoing operational resilience. The […]

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COP25 — The Hard Work of Redefining Prosperity

The COP25 UN climate negotiations, which concluded on Sunday in Madrid, were the longest in the history of the process. This makes sense, because some of the most logistically complicated elements of a cooperative plan to upgrade economic activity everywhere were on the table. We see the COP25 as having generated important breakthroughs, though also […]

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Knowledge Economy: Outmaneuvering Disinformation & Injustice

The widespread ongoing assault on open access to truth is spreading injustice and obstructing greatly needed innovation. For 240 years, one after another society acted in some way to break free from the deep injustice of the feudal system, in which some people owned others and human rights were more an ideal than a reality. […]

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Market Stresses Signal Need for Climate-Smart Finance

Wisconsin has lost over 1,600 small family-owned dairy farms since Donald Trump became President. His Secretary of Agriculture says the family farm may disappear from the American landscape. This is happening, because economic trends, tax breaks targeted at industrial producers, and other Trump policies, are undermining the everyday food economy in the United States. Food […]

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DECIDE: To win the climate intelligence race

One critical insight above all others is necessary to understand how climate intelligence will alter the terrain of human activity in coming years and decades: The climate crisis is NOT a “niche issue” or “single-issue” challenge; it touches everything we do, in every area of our lives. The climate is a planetary system that influences […]

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