There is No Safe Way to Profit from Ignoring Climate Science

The climate emergency is rapidly intensifying, with temperature rise and climate disruption impacts compounding each other, putting entire national economies at risk. The structural threats to mainstream institutions is real, and getting worse. The insurance sector is facing the possibility its business model will no longer be viable, as virtually every person and institution is […]

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Market Stresses Signal Need for Climate-Smart Finance

Wisconsin has lost over 1,600 small family-owned dairy farms since Donald Trump became President. His Secretary of Agriculture says the family farm may disappear from the American landscape. This is happening, because economic trends, tax breaks targeted at industrial producers, and other Trump policies, are undermining the everyday food economy in the United States. Food […]

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DECIDE: To win the climate intelligence race

One critical insight above all others is necessary to understand how climate intelligence will alter the terrain of human activity in coming years and decades: The climate crisis is NOT a “niche issue” or “single-issue” challenge; it touches everything we do, in every area of our lives. The climate is a planetary system that influences […]

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WEAVE-smart enterprise innovation is emerging as a market imperative

Every economy in the world has systematically undervalued natural systems and structural resilience at the human scale. For a long time, industry has fretted over the perceived “cost” of making operations marginally more ethical and sustainable. This fear-based thinking has led to what is now a planetary crisis. The Whole-Earth Active-Value Economy (WEAVE) is emerging […]

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The Five Levels of Sustainable Investment Value

The financial sector has become top-heavy, and that poses real dangers to generalized wellbeing and sustainable prosperity. Too much wealth is accumulating around a small group of institutions and investors at the top of the wealth pyramid. With 10 years of steady recovery, we still see two extremely worrying trends: The Capital Trap — Capital gains […]

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