DECIDE: To win the climate intelligence race

One critical insight above all others is necessary to understand how climate intelligence will alter the terrain of human activity in coming years and decades: The climate crisis is NOT a “niche issue” or “single-issue” challenge; it touches everything we do, in every area of our lives. The climate is a planetary system that influences […]

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WEAVE-smart enterprise innovation is emerging as a market imperative

Every economy in the world has systematically undervalued natural systems and structural resilience at the human scale. For a long time, industry has fretted over the perceived “cost” of making operations marginally more ethical and sustainable. This fear-based thinking has led to what is now a planetary crisis. The Whole-Earth Active-Value Economy (WEAVE) is emerging […]

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The Five Levels of Sustainable Investment Value

The financial sector has become top-heavy, and that poses real dangers to generalized wellbeing and sustainable prosperity. Too much wealth is accumulating around a small group of institutions and investors at the top of the wealth pyramid. With 10 years of steady recovery, we still see two extremely worrying trends: The Capital Trap — Capital gains […]

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How to Build the Perfect Company

The perfect company has long been thought to be structured around externalizing cost and avoiding risk. The modern limited liability company—modeled on Queen Elizabeth I of England’s sovereign guarantee to the British East India Company—was designed to invite investment by limiting the cost of failure and spreading risk across an entire society. But, perfection starts […]

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