Liberate Energy

Liberate Energy exists to explore the far frontiers of lightweight, adaptive, clean energy systems. Everything is made of energy, and everyone has a right to develop the abilities that will give them their best life and allow them to make their best contribution to the world. The status quo is not law; it is just where we start from.

“The human brain is nature’s most powerful anti-entropy engine.” – Buckminster Fuller



Liberate Energy is building a cooperative community for shared research and discovery, to develop the critical ingredients of a clean energy economy fit for the 21st century.




Liberate seeks to not only do business in a smarter way, but to make businesses smarter in all sectors. Liberate Enterprise helps to map clean energy transition solutions for specific businesses and institutions.



Liberate Finance is a suite of services, based on the DECIDE system (Detailed Embedded Climate Intelligence Data Engine). Our goal is to make sure financial decision-makers no longer have to get by without the science insights that define sustainable future value.

G-Wave Superconductor Discovery Brings Electrified Hyper-Convergence Closer to Reality

The electrified future is arriving quickly, and putting down roots. Electric vehicle technology—including better batteries and faster charging, but also on-board information technology making both energy management and vehicle management smarter and safer—is rapidly advancing. EV infrastructure is spreading. COVID recovery funds will likely mobilize the largest ever new round of investment in electrified transport. […]

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Energy Must Be Adaptive, Agile, Accessible & Pollution-Free

The future of energy is being shaped by many converging forces, among them: Fast-moving multifaceted innovation; The geophysical and human health need for clean energy; Sustained and expanding growth-potential for low-carbon investments; Urban planning, energy-efficient building, and utility reform; Financial innovation, including integration of Earth science insights; The COVID-19 pandemic disruption. The COVID-19 pandemic emergency […]

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