Strategic Business Intelligence Services

Liberate Energy exists to identify, develop and deploy the ingredients of an interactive distributed clean energy economy. This work entails coordinating across a broad range of paradigm-shift research and development efforts.

Liberate Enterprise is our strategic business intelligence services division. We provide critical insights for a future economy aligned with Liberate Energy research, innovation and enterprise, in emerging areas of finance, science, data and energy systems.

Over the Horizon insights

Our services provide insights relating to:

  • Over-the-horizon market guidance
  • Paradigm-shift innovations
  • Business-model innovation priorities
  • Complex adaptive integrity for operational sustainability
  • Diversification-based new market-building guidance

While we don’t offer predictive financial market guidance, we do provide critical strategic insights relating to structural drivers of financial market performance. Macro-critical (economy-shaping) forces—like climate resilience or income inequality—are affecting major institutional interests far more than is reported in the daily market discourse. We are paying attention and want to bring these strategic adaptive insights to Liberate Enterprise clients.

Intellectual Property Management

Liberate Energy manages intellectual property (IP) in four categories:

  1. Internal Liberate Energy original IP
  2. IP from shared R&D in the Liberate Science Community
  3. IP shared with Liberate Energy by partners for coordinated R&D or licensing
  4. IP relating to specific business services contracts

While Liberate Enterprise provides strategic business intelligence services as described above, relating to its assessment of future innovation priorities and over-the-horizon market dynamics, none of this intellectual property is disclosed to any party (client, partner, or otherwise) without clear protection and/or approval for the originators of the IP in question.

Contracting Structures

Liberate Enterprise contracts can operate according to various payment and partnership strategies:

  1. Direct Contract for custom business intelligence services
  2. Executive Reports contract for Business-Model Innovation insights
  3. Monthly Retainer for ongoing targeted insights
  4. Monthly Subscription for regular release of whitepapers
  5. Full Membership in the Liberate Science Community

We aim to achieve the best approach for each client, to ensure future business model strategy and investment align with the highest-value opportunities in all relevant areas.

Our goal is to ensure the best thinking about future investment strategies get to work in as many sectors as possible, with the overall aim of building a resilient economy that values innovation, problem-solving, and adaptive empowerment of entrepreneurs and consumers to build value at the human scale.

Critical new technologies make this possible. Their interconnection will drive the emergence of specific new areas of value-creation. Liberate Enterprise works to assist clients in discovering the best ways they can facilitate, leverage, and build on related market change.

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