The Five Levels of Sustainable Investment Value

The financial sector has become top-heavy, and that poses real dangers to generalized wellbeing and sustainable prosperity. Too much wealth is accumulating around a small group of institutions and investors at the top of the wealth pyramid. With 10 years of steady recovery, we still see two extremely worrying trends: The Capital Trap — Capital gains […]

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The SDGs are a map of future opportunity

The Sustainable Development Goals are a map of future opportunity. It’s that simple. Since 2015, critics have fretted that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their 169 action-specific targets are “too complex”, “unwieldy”, or “hard to keep track of”. But three critical insights can help to correct that perception: The SDGs are a map of […]

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IPCC: Warming above 1.5ºC unacceptable

There is a new central organizing principle for trade, peace and security, industrial production, economic development, finance, food supply, energy, and advanced science. In December 2015 in Paris, at the COP21 (the 21st annual negotiation of the Parties to the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change—which mandates that we avoid dangerous human-caused climate disruption), […]

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Smart, Precise, Connected

MISSION STATEMENT Liberate Energy exists to develop the critical ingredients of an integrated decentralized clean energy economy of the future. Our strategy is as ambitious as our mission. We are working to achieve transformational breakthroughs in materials, manufacturing, and information systems — to ensure reliable, affordable, sustainable energy is available to all people, while meeting […]

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How to Build the Perfect Company

The perfect company has long been thought to be structured around externalizing cost and avoiding risk. The modern limited liability company—modeled on Queen Elizabeth I of England’s sovereign guarantee to the British East India Company—was designed to invite investment by limiting the cost of failure and spreading risk across an entire society. But, perfection starts […]

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