Liberate Energy is a partnership initiative specializing in transformational energy systems innovation. It is an experiment in the conceptualization and activation of sustainable business models, emerging from the work of Geoversiv.

Our mission: to develop the critical ingredients of an integrated decentralized clean energy economy of the future.

  • The prevailing modes of energy production are rooted in early industrial technological discoveries, emphasizing combustion. Our energy systems are polluting the environment, heating the atmosphere and ocean, and destabilizing the climate system. These costs of these burdens is projected onto society at large.
  • Meanwhile, structural incentives—including tax policy, trade policy, and the allocation of capital through the private sector—create a kind of trap, where industries struggle to shift to better, healthier, more sustainable  ways of working. We agree with Buckminster Fuller that the human brain is a “powerful anti-entropy engine”.
  • We should not be handing over our personal and collective wealth to accelerate the destruction of our environment and wellbeing. So, we propose to liberate energy systems from the burden of polluting practices and structural incentives that make dangerous, destabilizing pollution appear to be cheap.

Our business strategy operates across four major product and service areas:

  1. Energy — paradigm-shift clean energy systems.
  2. Science — collaborative research and discovery and IP management.
  3. Enterprise — strategic business intelligence services.
  4. Finance — game-changing, user-focused financial services.


Liberate Energy operates through a complex innovation strategy that integrates materials, devices, systems, amplification and storage—as well as finance guidance and information services—to make clean decentralized energy more agile, more available and more affordable.

  • Materials — We are working to develop smart energy materials that will fundamentally change how we use energy in our daily lives.
  • Systems — We are developing the integrated systems for managing nano-scale distributed energy generation at maximum efficiency for producers, end users, and investors.
  • Licensing — We are working with partners to ensure the widest possible application for efficiency-building clean energy innovations.


Liberate Science is a collaborative community for shared development of paradigm-shift clean energy innovations.

  • Community — We are building a community of partners to conduct basic and applied research, to accelerate the pace of deployment for new clean technologies.
  • Intellectual Property — We commit to be good stewards of all community-connected intellectual property, and to facilitate motivational sharing of IP, to drive deployment of solutions and new business models for member institutions.
  • Science — We recognize the need for timely open distribution of new discoveries in basic science, and invite partners to join in a shared research, development, filing, and publication strategy, to allow discovery at the speed and scale required by the global energy challenge.


Liberate Enterprise provides strategic business intelligence services, build on critical insights for operating in a future economy aligned with cutting edge Liberate Energy research, innovation and services.

  • Consultancy — We provide ongoing support to businesses and investors looking for over-the-horizon market guidance, business-model innovation priorities, and rapid diversification strategies.
  • Partnership — We are also forming strategic partnerships with key enterprise leaders, to develop and deploy innovations in all of the above areas.
  • Subscriptions — We are writing critical guidance to financial decision-makers about over-the-horizon market risks and opportunities.

Learn about the DECIDE climate intelligence system here.


Liberate Finance is both a tool for understanding financial market dynamics and a new suite of services to consumers. This area of the Liberate Energy business landscape is being built around a series of breakthrough energy and IT technologies, to redefine how we measure and exchange value.

To learn more, please make an inquiry through our Contact page.

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