Liberate Energy is a private commercial partnership specializing in transformational energy systems innovation.

Our mission: to develop the critical ingredients of an integrated decentralized clean energy economy of the future.

Our business strategy integrates materials, devices, systems, amplification and storage, as well as finance guidance and information services, to make clean decentralized energy more agile, more available and more affordable.

  • We are working to develop smart energy materials that will fundamentally change how we use energy in our daily lives.
  • We are developing the integrated systems for managing nano-scale distributed energy generation at maximum efficiency for producers, end users, and investors.
  • We are building a community of partners to conduct basic and applied research, to accelerate the pace of deployment for new clean technologies.
  • We are writing critical guidance to financial decision-makers about over-the-horizon market risks and opportunities.

To learn more, please make an inquiry through our Contact page.