Smart Money, Business & Tech will align with Paris

It was on this day 120 years ago that Max Planck first shared his quantum theory. As a result, the future of physics, technological innovation, communications, and information-sharing, were fundamentally altered. We are now moving into an age when energy, technology, and our application of science to sustainable human development, will align more closely with […]

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Energy Must Be Adaptive, Agile, Accessible & Pollution-Free

The future of energy is being shaped by many converging forces, among them: Fast-moving multifaceted innovation; The geophysical and human health need for clean energy; Sustained and expanding growth-potential for low-carbon investments; Urban planning, energy-efficient building, and utility reform; Financial innovation, including integration of Earth science insights; The COVID-19 pandemic disruption. The COVID-19 pandemic emergency […]

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Paris Agreement withdrawal is senseless & wasteful

The Paris Agreement establishes a foundation for responsible collaboration among nations, to achieve the speed and scale of innovation needed to avoid climate disaster. This is no small thing: Before 2015, no such detailed planet-wide collaborative process had ever been conceived, much less agreed. Then 193 nations agreed to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals and […]

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Knowledge Economy: Outmaneuvering Disinformation & Injustice

The widespread ongoing assault on open access to truth is spreading injustice and obstructing greatly needed innovation. For 240 years, one after another society acted in some way to break free from the deep injustice of the feudal system, in which some people owned others and human rights were more an ideal than a reality. […]

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There is No Safe Way to Profit from Ignoring Climate Science

The climate emergency is rapidly intensifying, with temperature rise and climate disruption impacts compounding each other, putting entire national economies at risk. The structural threats to mainstream institutions is real, and getting worse. The insurance sector is facing the possibility its business model will no longer be viable, as virtually every person and institution is […]

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Market Stresses Signal Need for Climate-Smart Finance

Wisconsin has lost over 1,600 small family-owned dairy farms since Donald Trump became President. His Secretary of Agriculture says the family farm may disappear from the American landscape. This is happening, because economic trends, tax breaks targeted at industrial producers, and other Trump policies, are undermining the everyday food economy in the United States. Food […]

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