Science is knowledge. Knowledge is our survival strategy, as a species. Civilization is oriented toward the discovery, securing, and expansion of knowledge. The word ‘science’ is shorthand for the heroic collective human endeavor to learn, share, do, and improve.

Science happens at the edge of knowledge, expanding our potential for understanding and acting within the constraints placed on us by the levers of the physical universe.

Liberate Science is a collaborative community for shared development of paradigm-shift clean energy innovations. The four main benefits of this collaborative innovation strategy are:

  1. Accelerated innovation from shared discovery.
  2. Faster achievement of scale for collaborative decentralized energy systems.
  3. Empowerment of member institutions whose core values align with Liberate Energy strategic and technical goals, and with the end-user empowerment principles of the decentralized clean energy economy.
  4. These benefits support the tighter and more sustainable integration of the market forces required to secure the clean energy economy and make reliable affordable energy available to everyone.

We are working toward these four main benefits by building community, carefully managing intellectual property, and driving the expansion of scientific discovery, both within and beyond the Liberate Science Community.

  • Community — We are building a community of partners to conduct basic and applied research, to accelerate the pace of deployment for new clean technologies.
  • Intellectual Property — We commit to be good stewards of all community-connected intellectual property, and to facilitate motivational sharing of IP, to drive deployment of solutions and new business models for member institutions.
  • Science — We recognize the need for timely open distribution of new discoveries in basic science, and invite partners to join in a shared research, development, filing, and publication strategy, to allow discovery at the speed and scale required by the global energy challenge.

To learn more, or to inquire about membership, please visit our Contact page.

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