Breakthrough Energy Innovation

Liberate Energy exists to discover and develop the critical ingredients of the distributed clean energy economy of the future. Our integrated, multifaceted business model is designed to accelerate discovery of new materials, technologies, systems, and business models, and ensure we achieve zero-carbon in all sectors as soon as possible.

We understand the energy transition involves a paradigm shift—a comprehensive change in the way we find, deliver, and use energy. This paradigm shift touches all areas of human activity, and requires structural change that tends toward lightness, decentralization, intelligent integration, and empowerment of end users.

Liberate Energy is working to develop breakthrough energy materials, unlike anything used before, which will:

  • rapidly scale up clean energy production,
  • put reliable affordable clean energy within reach of any person anywhere,
  • build new efficiencies into communications and IT systems,
  • and change how we measure, store, and transmit value.

The first new applications and devices will be available for market distribution by 2025. New energy management systems—including related technological solutions—will be starting up in late 2023. On the way there, we will establish a diverse range of collaborations to connect first-of-their-kind innovations with innovative systems for integrating energy, information, services, and devices.

We invite collaboration at the edge of technological capability, through Liberate Science—our collaborative research and development community.

We invite leaders in business who want to rethink their future business environment and strategy to engage our Enterprise business intelligence service.

For inquiries from media, prospective partners, investors, or research institutions, please use our Contact page.

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