“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”
– Franz Kafka

Energy finance will not look the same, feel the same, or work the same, as the world moves to a zero-emissions standard for energy production. It will, however, offer entirely new opportunities and a vast expansion of overall potential value creation.

To understand the shifts that are already underway, it is critical to understand how data is changing the value of money with respect to future outcomes. Until very recently, most information about the impacts of any given investment on Earth systems was not knowable in any practical sense. Only in cases of very direct impacts did we have enough information to know that a specific practice was generating critical system-level damage.

Operational Climate Intelligence

The science of natural systems has, however, evolved and advanced, as we have put more satellites in orbit and learned how distinct questions of Earth systems health connect to specific areas of human activity. What the resulting data is telling us is that some kinds of activity erode value across all others.

This makes science-driven climate intelligence a critical element of future finance. Science is traceable, tested, actionable knowledge. Science intervenes in the future of finance in three critical ways:

  1. By outlining critical areas of market change;
  2. By detailing the health and wellbeing of vital natural systems;
  3. By pointing us toward “over the horizon” innovations.

There is much talk about how distributed ledger technologies are changing the nature of currency markets. What is far more important to the future of energy finance is the the capacity of distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain or DLT) to trace elements of any given activity through a complex chain of transactions, through immutable smart contracts.

Macrocritical Value Creation

Macrocritical resilience is fast becoming an imperative at all levels and climate solvency a strategic goal no one can safely walk away from.

  • The companies that succeed in building the infrastructure and management systems for the clean future economy will not only achieve internal business sustainability; they will enhance the investability of their operations and empower a climate-smart finance sector to make vast new gains within the dynamics of finance as such.
  • Liberate Energy is building a community of partners, to conduct basic and applied research, to integrate data from all relevant fields, to optimize the development timelines for smart distributed energy management systems, and to outline and harness the financial opportunities inherent in the development of the 100% clean energy economy.
  • Speed, efficiency, and traceable sustainability gains will define wealth acquisition in the coming decades. Liberate Energy Finance aims to ensure the boom time of this new economy is underpinned by hard, measurable system-level realities, and not vulnerable to the fictionalizing hype that has put so much wealth at risk during past boom economies.

Liberate Personal Finance

Finance is the projection of currently held value into future scenarios, with the intent of expanding value for those who deliver the finance and for those who deploy it. This works best, when finance is deployed in a way that creates value for all stakeholders.

The Liberate Energy DECIDE system is oriented toward helping businesses identify and build embedded climate intelligence. That is the degree to which their operations align with the imperatives of a climate-disrupted world and a climate-smart marketplace. Climate-smart business and finance can only succeed, however, if they also align with the need for Main Street economies to benefit from climate intelligence.

Liberate Personal Finance is designed around a core group of revolutionary technologies for managing energy and information. This will facilitate the inclusion of everyone in a climate-smart, high-efficiency energy economy.

By expanding the embedded climate intelligence of economic actors large and small, we can optimize resource use and market pricing strategies, and expand overall value-creating potential in the everyday economy.

Liberate Energy Finance exists to help you join this optimization revolution and ensure your future investments are aligned with the market changes that are coming over the horizon.

Please inquire here about working with us to get ahead of the curve.

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